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Dar es Salaam is virtually centre of the Eastern Tourist Circuit that stretches from Coastal Towns of Kilwa, Mafia, Bagamoyo up to Tanga. The City is endowed with numerous places of interest and tourist attractions including tourist hotels which are rapidly increasing. There are several beach Hotels and Resorts which are established along the Coastal line of Indian Ocean . Also there are landmarks, museums, Art Galleries and Cultural Centres.

Land Marks
  • State House; a renovated old German building which now serves as the office of the Head of State.
  • Bismarck Monument ; it is located at the entrance of the main Western Gate of the State House. This bust sculptured by Regas and mounted on a granite plinth was donated by the famous German geographer Hans Meyer (of Kilimanjaro fame) in 1911.
  • Botanical Gardens; situated along Kivukoni Street opposite Karimjee Hall.
  • Askari Monument ; is placed where previously stood the Statue of Herman von Wissman. It was erected in September 1873 at the junction of what now is called Samora Avenue / Azikiwe Street . The monument was put up in commemoration of fallen during World Wars.
  • Clock Tower; built at the round about of Railway, Nkrumah, Uhuru, India Streets and Samora Avenue to inaugurate Dar es Salaam elevation to City status in December 1961.
  • Uhuru Torch; situated at Mnazi Mmoja Grounds built to celebrate the country's Independence in 1961.
  • Dar es Salaam Railway Station; this is the first German buildings to be built in the 1800's.
  • Republic Fountain; located in front of Mnazi Mmoja Health Center - built for the country's Republic Day celebrations in 1962.
  • Karimjee Hall; presented to the then Municipal of Dar es Salaam by the Karimjee family, this historic building was later used as the nation's House of Parliament. It also houses the City Mayor's Parlor and used for meetings and other functions.
  • Mwalimu Nyerere House; this is the house where Mwalimu Nyerere the father of the nation stayed, it is located at Pugu.
Museum and Art Galleries

Museum - which was built in 1940 with the new building added in 1963. The museum houses exhibits on the history of Tanzania , Marine biology and ethnography


Nyerere cultural -centre situated next to the Royal Palm Hotel, traditional art and paintings exposition are done and also training on handcrafts are available


Color Centre -situated along Samora Avenue where Muzu Sullemanji willingly shows his painting and photos

Twiga Art Galary - This is at IPS Building Azikiwe Street/Samora Avenue
National Museum

Libraries and cultural centers


•  Alliance Francaise ; A.H. Mwinyi Road behind Las Vegas Casino

•  British Council; Ohio Street / Samora Avenue

•  Iranian Cultural Centre; A.H. Mwinyi Road

•  Korean Cultural Centre; Morogoro Road Embassy

•  Libyan Cultural Centre ; A.H. Mwinyi Road Embassy.

•  Russian Tanzanian Cultural Centre; Sea View Road

•  The National Arts Council; Shariff Shamba Ilala

• National Central Libray; Bibi Titi Mohamed Street Tanganyika Library
Travel and Tours

There are more than 9 registered companies as travel and tours namely:


•  Waljis travel

•  Tanzania Rent A Car

•  Green Tours

•  Evergreen Travel

•  Keasles travel

•  Hipop Tours

•  Business car Rental

•  Car Rental

•  Japania Travel Tours

Tourism[ Nyumbani ] au
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