Invest. status .. [ Nyumbani ] au

Currently Ilala and Kinondoni Municipal Councils initiated investment portifolio in the following areas:

Ilala Municipal Council:

• Plot No. 12 Kisutu Ex-Bus Stand:

The area has 2364 square meters located at the junction of Morogoro Road and Libya Street . The Council intends to build an 8 10 floor building for car parking, whole sale and retail shops, modern offices for different uses, up to date conference centers, modern banks and Bureau de change centers for ICT activities and modern Restaurants.

•  Kibasila Kamata Area for Petty Traders:

This is on plot number 2467/208 the area selected purposely for a six floor building for small scale traders.

•  Extension of Kisutu Market:

Plots number 1343/208 1346/208 and 1350/208 1352 are suggested for an investment of eight (8) to 10 floor building services these will be available in the premises, whole sale and retail shops, market services, car parking and conference rooms.

•  Area along Bibi Titi and Mkunguni Roads:

The area is on plot number 2451/208 junctions of Bibi Titi and Mkunguni Roads.

•  Improving Habitat at Mchikichini area:

The investment is intended to improve houses at Mchikichini quarters as well as improving services like shops and others in the area.

•  Improving Housing at Ukonga Area:

The area is intended for building modern Houses and apartments for renting and selling to Ilala Municipal employers and LAPF workers since it will be funded jointly between Ilala and LAPF.

  •  Establishment of Zingiziwa Mini Zoo:

The area is at Zingiziwa and is intended for Mini Zoo where animals will be available and other entertainments.

•  Other Areas:

  • Botanical gardens
  • Development Coastal areas and beaches
  • Education (School ICT facilities, student's transportation services, libraries, colleges and universities).
  • Waste management
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Business and marketing
  • Water
  • Health (mobile VCT services, Expansion health services at Segerea and Buguruni Dispensaries, Health centers and Hospitals).



Kinondoni Municipal Council:

• Magomeni Old Area:

The area has 108,547 squares meters which is proposed for building 4 storey office accommodations for the municipal, shopping centers.

  • Also 24 storey building for business offices
  • 16 Storey building for sports
  • 10 and 6 storey buildings for habitat and business services.

•  Old Kinondoni Area:

The area has 19000 square meters. It is proposed to build 2 buildings being one with 5 floors for sports and conference facilities and 5 floor building for business services.

•  Kawe Garden :

The area proposed for building of conference halls, apartments, car parking and sports and cultural centers.

•  Magomeni Garden :

The area is proposed for recreational facilities, tree nurseries, snake park zoo and reptiles pool.

•  Simu 2000 Ltd. Area:

The area proposed for Hostel buildings, apartments, conference halls and health services.

•  Tandale, Magomeni and Msufini Market Areas:

-To build a 3 floor building for retail shops at Tandale Market.

-Open cereal market

-To build 5 floor building at Magomeni Market for a market (ground floor), office premises, and conference halls.

•  Morroco Area:

The area proposed to build hotel, office accommodations and conference hall.

Tender for investment already advertised in the daily news, the Guardian and Mwananchi News papers of 26 December, 2006.

Temeke Municipal Council:

The council indicated potentials for investment in industries, agriculture and livestock development, fisheries, land use development, education, health water, waste management, banking markets services, gas and fuel at Kimbiji and Kisarawe II Zoo.

City Council:

Dar es Salaam Rapid Transport, Solid waste management and abattoir projects

Invest. status [ Nyumbani ] au
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